What to Expect

You deserve an experience that’s completely yours. One that represents your essence, shows what makes you the person you are! An experience that represents what you love, and shows how you express yourself!

We love to work with you to create just that experience!

During each portrait session we aim strive to illustrate who you are while making you look absolutely fabulous. Many of the young adults we work with enjoy multiple outfit changes to represent the different facets of their life and interests. One moment you’re the star of your soccer team, grass stained from head to toe but loving every bit of it, and the next you’re off to a glamorous night out in your favorite designer outfit. This is how you live your life. This is what your portrait session should ultimately reflect.

When you decide that you want to experience this with Impressions by Twyla then…

• Give us a call and we will help you get your session scheduled along with a consultation appointment. Your un-refundable creation fee will be due by credit or debit card to finalize your appointment.

• While we are talking we will also schedule you a return appointment to view your photographs and place your order. Come prepared to make decisions!

• It’s best if just the primary decision makers return for the preview appointment, as too many opinions and voices can stress the situation.

• We do not offer paper proofs. You will view your images onscreen.

• Your photographer will edit the images from your session. They also retouch, crop, enhance and further manipulate your images to provide you with an accurate portrayal of the finished product.

We only accept 40 seniors per year.

Call today! We can’t wait to show the world who you are!

What to expect


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