What to Wear Guide

Look around at the colors in your house. Our images are art, so we want them to look good with the décor of your home. Solid colors always look nice: blacks, browns, earth tones, bright colors, or jewel tones. You may also choose clothing with similar colors or patterns. Some families choose to match completely, but you may choose to go with colors or patterns that are in the same color family. For example, you may like purples and grays together. You may love different shades of blues together. Try not to put some people in dark clothing and others in light clothing. This will create too much contrast and draw the viewers eyes away from your faces. Basically, you should feel comfortable in what you’re wearing. Your family portrait should capture the individual personalities of everyone in your family at this point in your lives.

Additional Tips:

Wear your hair to reflect your style, big and texture is great.
Your nails will show, have them done!
Layers look great, bring sweaters and jackets.
Accessorize always: hats, scarves, belts, sunglasses and random bling
always look sweet in pictures.

A little extra make up is great… girls we like an extra application of mascara, bring powder and lipstick for touch up.
Remove any unwanted brow and facial hair.

Tanning… avoid being overly tanned for your skin type as it will add weight to your face. Also avoid sunburns, uneven spray tans and tan lines.

Bumps, blemishes, and sores … we remove them all, No Worries!


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