Cake Smash Session

Let’s take some sweet baby pictures!

A cake smash session is an absolutely wonderful way to celebrate a birthday and get adorable baby pictures! The images taken at a cake smash session are unique, memorable, and fun. They bring a smile to your face hanging in your home and make perfect gifts for your family. Cake smashes are fun for baby and parents, and provide a unique opportunity to capture your baby’s curiosity and personality. Many clients choose a cake smash session for documenting baby’s first birthday, while others see the session itself as the special occasion! It is our pleasure to work with you and your family to craft a special photography experience just for your baby.


Choosing an outfit for baby is just one enjoyable part of planning a cake smash session! We highly recommend choosing an outfit to match your cake. This  creates a beautiful cohesive look. Here are a few tips on selecting baby’s clothing:

• Choose colors that match or complement the colors of the cake

• Ruffles, tulle, ribbon, and lace look fabulous on camera

• Accessories such as headbands, necklaces, and cute shoes add detail and interest to your images

• Try to steer away from dark colors or bright white; off white, pastel, or bright colors look best

• Avoid items that could be damaged by soapy water or cake

• Make sure the outfit is washable!

The most important item needed for a cake smash session is the cake itself! We provide the cake for you. Talk to us about your desires to ensure it is exactly what you want and expect. Some babies may have special dietary needs as well, making it important for you to select a treat that keeps your bundle of joy happy and healthy. Here are some guidelines for choosing a cake:

• Lighter cakes (whites, yellows) photograph much, much better than darker ones and look more appropriate smeared on baby’s face

• Pure white frosting can be difficult to photograph; try off-white or different colors for best results

• Sprinkles, stripes, and colored accents look fabulous on camera – try selecting a cake with interesting decorations

• Cupcakes are less expensive than full cakes and can produce results with baby that are just as effective

For the safety and comfort of everyone involved, we like to let baby set the pace of a cake smash session. Some sessions only last a few minutes, while others may take more time. Ideally, baby will dig right into the cake and go all-out, but more often than not things may need a little nudge from mom and dad. Sometimes baby won’t interact with the cake at all, and having a parent there to engage and encourage can make a world of difference. Because of this, we recommend that parents be prepared to be photographed along with baby. Try dressing in colors that complement what your baby is wearing, and be ready for a bit of a mess! Some of the most memorable images from a cake smash session come from the whole family being completely covered in cake.

It’s important to bring lots of clean clothes to make sure baby is clean and happy after the cake smash! The smashing session may not last more than a few minutes, and it’s best to be prepared for clean-up as soon as we finish.

A birthday cake is included with your creation fee of $79, or $39 when added to the Baby Steps Collection.

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