Baby Steps Collection


As she lights the candle on the cake, Lauren has a flashback to that day one year ago, the day that forever changed her life. She struggles to remember just how tiny the little fingers and toes were.  How can one year have passed so quickly? It has been a busy, ever changing year, that’s for sure. Preparing for her baby’s first birthday party, she is so thankful that she has her Baby Steps Collection. These images remind her of every stage of change they have passed through, and she can’t wait to share the first year slideshow with her guests.

Introducing Baby Steps,  our baby’s first year collection. Baby’s first year is full of so many stages, it seems baby changes from day to day. In order to help you remember this extraordinary time in your child’s life, we have created Baby Steps.

Baby Steps includes 3 photography sessions to capture the milestones of baby’s first year. Your child will be photographed at 4, 8, and 12 months of age. Your enrollment retainer of $350 includes these 3 photo sessions as well as a “year in review” slideshow featuring every image you have ordered throughout the year, and you are eligible for exclusive year end incentive gifts. Clients who have completed the Bumps and Bundles collection will receive a $100 off of the $350 retainer fee.

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