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Nadia | Senior Girls | Central Iowa Senior Photographer

I love meeting the seniors who come across my path; there is something inspiring about their energy and exuberance for life that always inspires me to be present in the moment and enjoy life. Nadia has gorgeous, unique features and a distinct personal style, which she says is, “kinda grunge chic”. She particularly enjoys pairing old and new pieces for her own look, and some of her favorite pieces are distressed clothes, shoes, and modern jewelry. For her session, she brought a variety of outfits, some with a bohemian feel, but all with her signature style. I enjoyed seeing the way she didn’t just follow trends, but rather made her own!

Nadia says her strong character traits include respecting others, and treating everyone equally. She hopes her high school classmates remember her as being open-minded, with a fun personality, adding, “Just because someone isn’t like you, doesn’t mean you can treat them or their views differently. I’ve also learned that you have to rely on yourself for happiness, and not place your happiness in the hands of others”. Being a senior is something she has been looking forward to for the last few years, and looking ahead to the life change of college is motivating her to finish strong. At her school, she is very active and involved, participating in the national honor society, competitive dance team, all-state choir, and volleyball. After her graduation, she plans to venture away from her hometown, and major in business marketing and management.

I enjoyed every bit of meeting and photographing this sweet, fun girl, and know her beautiful voice and determination will take her very far after she graduates. To book a senior session of your own, please contact me today!

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Senior Models Celebrate July 4th with Des Moines Photography

Excited girls climbed out of each vehicle as they arrived at the otherwise deserted parking lot. A fashionable woman began pulling clothing out of her car and handing an outfit to each of the them. Laughter filled the air as the girls were introduced to each other and prepared for the fashion shoot.

While the models were being accessorized, the camera equipment was gathered.  The group  began walking toward the Capitol building. This was it. This was what they had been waiting for. The clothing in various versions of red, white, and blue graced the lovely young models’ bodies, straw hats framed their radiant faces. Pinwheels, and sparklers were the merriment of the day. While the girls kicked up their heels, the camera captured their exuberance.

As the flashes flared, the wind rustled through their hair and rain drops skittered across the concrete. The Des Moines skyline along with the gold dome of the Capitol building graced the background of the images they captured that day. Just another day in the life of our spokes models, who were already looking forward to the next shoot.

Thank you to our awesome models, Alexis, Madi, Gabrielle, Katie, Mariah, Kylie, and Gabi. We had a blast completing this shoot.

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