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Mariah | Central Iowa Senior Photographer

I knew from the moment I met her, that Mariah and I were going to get along well. She has a naturally sweet spirit and big heart, and was actually part of my senior model team. In fact, she went on to become a finalist in a national model competition that my studio participated in. She is a devoted big sister, and also a big fan of country music! In addition, she is a very strong soccer player, and her team went on the become state champions. These days, she is settling nicely into college life, and I am so proud of the bright and kind young woman she has become.

Mariah is a very stylish gal, and one thing (among many) that she did exceptionally well, was choose a show-stopping shoe: a sky high cognac wedge! Oftentimes, seniors put together an incredible wardrobe, but forget that a shoe can really complete an outfit. I really love the options you can find at a site like Sole Society, which I recently discovered. Nope, this isn’t a sponsored post, I just really love the site! It has search functions to help you search by heel height, width, and color, which means you can find the right shoe for any of your wardrobe choices. As always, I’m available to help you choose any of your outfits, or to help steer you to the best resources available for clothes and yes, even footwear!

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Morgan | Central Iowa Senior Photographer

Did you know that Impressions by Twyla offers not one, not two, but five different senior session options? I want every senior who comes to me for portraits to feel that they can get exactly what they need! The wide variety allows each parent or family to find what suits their needs, budget, and style…We even offer luxury, destination sessions if you have  been dreaming something up! Because of these different types, I end up with a variety of portfolio images, as well! And, one thing is for certain: no matter what length or type of session you choose, I treat you like a dear friend every step of the way, and I treat each senior like they are my own!

Morgan’s session is one that stands out in my mind because she chose a longer length and we were able to get plenty of shooting time in. We also incorporated her car, and each amazing outfit she put together.  She is a beautiful, lovely young woman who graduated from Boone High School. She was part of my model team, and did a wonderful job representing my photography during her senior year. She loves running in her spare time, and adds, “My favorite senior photo is the one where I’m in the field on the chair…You really allowed my unique personality to shine through in all the photos!” As part of my model team, Morgan says her favorite memory was trying on the different outfits for the model shoots. Today, she is attending Iowa State University, where she is majoring in Agricultural Studies, and she also works in retail at an outdoor supply store in Ames. I miss her smiling face!

I’d love for you to take a peek at my different session offerings HERE, and let me know which one best suits your needs. If you have any questions, please contact me HERE!

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Elyse | Senior Girls | Central Iowa Portraiture

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things
you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines.
Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails.
Explore. Dream. Discover.” –Mark Twain

As a senior photographer, the young people I meet always inspire me. I am inspired to smile a little more, savor life’s moments, and be more and more creative in how I document each senior. Elyse was on my senior model team, and was such a joy to work with. She was a member of the marching band at her school, and currently has a blog where she loves to write about her life. Elyse adds that she loves music, her faith in God, and living a healthy lifestyle. I admire her strength and her sweet spirit.

For her senior session, we opted for an outdoor, on-location shoot, and we ended up with the perfect lighting. We alternated between pretty fields and even one indoor location, to give her a well-rounded and multi-faceted shoot. I’ve found that all of my senior clients love a variety of backgrounds and styles, because of the many things you use your senior photos for: announcements, wall hangings, decor, invitations, and albums. Are you wondering why a professional is worth the money? I have written up a few key reasons right HERE for you to read. I’m also happy to answer any questions you may have!

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Taylor | Senior Girls | Central Iowa Portrait Photographer

It is always so beautiful and gratifying for me to meet seniors who I feel confident are going to make their communities and futures stronger. Taylor is one of those seniors; I feel honored she joined my senior model team, because she is exactly the sort of role model and example that I’d love for young girls to look up to. This isn’t the first session we have done together, in fact, I’ve gotten to photograph this lovely young woman a few times.  Taylor was raised on a farm, and has an incredible work ethic. She is committed to building her community up by spending much of her time volunteering at various places, and adds, “I hope my high school classmates remember me as someone who was kind and always determined”.

Her favorite way to spend a free day is with her friends, as well as playing basketball or dancing. One of her role models is Sadie Robertson, about whom she says, “She is such a great Christian role model, and someone I look up to. My faith is very important to me.” Upon her graduation, Taylor is excited to begin her college career at the University of Iowa, where she will be pursuing a pre-med degree. For her senior session, we did a mix of indoor and outdoor, on-location shots, as well as commemorated her hard work in dance with some beautiful photos of her dancing. It added the perfect personal touch to this shoot, and Taylor chose a feminine, casual and polished wardrobe that she looked fantastic in. I’m so proud to know this graduate, and feel inspired by what she will bring to the world in the future!

To book your own senior session (now is the perfect time!), please contact me by email or phone HERE.

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Kylie | Senior Models | Central Iowa Senior Photographer

My senior models are always an extra-special group. I am so privileged to work with these beautiful seniors. They may come from diverse backgrounds, and be headed towards different futures and careers, but the senior model team is the element that binds them together. Kylie is one of my senior models, and she had the most stunning blue eyes! I feel like her eyes hold so much emotion and beauty, and really are a lovely focal point of these images. This beautiful (inside and out) young woman is full of life and energy, and was very fun to work with. After graduation, she proceeded to enroll at Des Moines Area Community College, where she is a double-major in culinary arts and liberal arts.

In addition, she works at Fitness World, and is hoping to begin her training with the Air Force this summer, something I really admired about her. She plans to serve her country in the Air Force and then become an event planner. I know her hard-working, outgoing and energetic personality will serve her beautifully in both ventures. She also enjoys playing video games, baking, and cooking in her spare time, and adds, “My favorite part of senior year was that everyone got along… I would love my high school classmates to remember me as a nice person”. Kylie had a feminine, laid-back and polished style that really came through in her images. “I loved being part of the modeling team, because it was truly a great experience and a lot of fun. Twyla created amazing pictures, and as I look back, I have nothing but beautiful memories”, she concluded.

Thank you, Kylie, for your wonderful enthusiasm as part of my team. To book your own senior session, contact me today!

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Senior Girls Flower Crown Photo Session


It was a blustery spring morning when we headed out to McHose Park to photograph these five beautiful high school senior models. They had been anxiously awaiting this first photo session of the spring. This was the first time some of the senior girls had met each other. The girls all go to different high schools in the area. They are each so friendly that it didn’t take long for them to become friends. We piled into a couple cars and headed to park, where we were planning to have our photo shoot. We were hopeful that it would soon warm up.

As we arrived at the park, we found the beautiful weeping willow tree just waiting for us. It’s limbs were lush and hung to the ground, swinging back and forth in the breeze.  It was the perfect backdrop for the flower crowns and simple dresses. The wind whispered through the branches and we began making gorgeous pictures. Each girl had a chance to wear two different flower crowns and had many turns in front of the camera. We had a selection of very large flower crowns and some simple, smaller ones to choose from. While waiting for their turn to model for the camera, the girls huddled under heavy quilts. For this session, we were focusing on photographing each girl, however, we  had time for some group shots, too.

The girls did a great job and had a fun time. Each girl’s confidence shone through in these beautiful images and I as so happy to share them here.

It was a very cold day, but the girls stuck it out.  These five senior girls are so much fun to photograph. I have had the privilege of getting to know them through my model program, and I can’t wait for our next photo session.

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Senior Models Celebrate July 4th with Des Moines Photography

Excited girls climbed out of each vehicle as they arrived at the otherwise deserted parking lot. A fashionable woman began pulling clothing out of her car and handing an outfit to each of the them. Laughter filled the air as the girls were introduced to each other and prepared for the fashion shoot.

While the models were being accessorized, the camera equipment was gathered.  The group  began walking toward the Capitol building. This was it. This was what they had been waiting for. The clothing in various versions of red, white, and blue graced the lovely young models’ bodies, straw hats framed their radiant faces. Pinwheels, and sparklers were the merriment of the day. While the girls kicked up their heels, the camera captured their exuberance.

As the flashes flared, the wind rustled through their hair and rain drops skittered across the concrete. The Des Moines skyline along with the gold dome of the Capitol building graced the background of the images they captured that day. Just another day in the life of our spokes models, who were already looking forward to the next shoot.

Thank you to our awesome models, Alexis, Madi, Gabrielle, Katie, Mariah, Kylie, and Gabi. We had a blast completing this shoot.

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