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Hildebrandt Family Session | Central Iowa Photography

Most families are gearing up for Back-to-School, and this family is no exception! In fact, the juggling of their schedules makes my head spin…I so admire these wonderful parents, and their wise and gracious parenting. I met them when I photographer them this past winter, and was so pleased they chose me to document this time in the life of their family. I know sometimes in family photos, it can appear that family members love each other and enjoy being with one another, when in fact there might be quite a lot of strife or frustration behind the scenes. I assure you, every bit of these images IS true, and was such a delight to work with. They genuinely love each other and enjoy bonding over their many various activities. Mom and dad stay quite busy in their respective professions, and they are so joyful as they balance work and family life. The oldest is in college, and is passionate about travel and other cultures. She has big dreams to work in human aide, and also may enter the world of politics eventually. I have no doubt she will make a true difference in her community and our nation at large. The middle daughter is just as ambitious, and is a senior in high school. When she’s not scouting out her future college home, she’s also busy on her swim team. She recently earned qualifications at the state level, and is active in speech and debate. Not to be forgotten, their youngest is just adorable, and as smart as the older two! The family describes the baby of the family as “a ray of sunshine and very easy-going, and they love to read”.  I know their schedules often take them in different directions, but it’s clear that they’re close-knit and ready for anything life might send their way!

Why should you shell out money for family photos? I get asked this question quite routinely. If the images of this beautiful family didn’t quite convince you, hear me out: Family photos capture a moment in time you’ll never get back. Time does fly, and I can’t stress enough how important images are when you get together and look backwards over the years. I heard a friend say the other day how, at a family member’s memorial service, they pulled out photo albums and tearfully remembered all the happy years and memories! I don’t say that to be morbid, but rather to show how truly important family sessions are! Please let me know if you are ready to book your family shoot!

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Dom | Senior Guys | Central Iowa Senior Photographer

One of the many benefits to owning my very own studio space, is that I can quickly amend plans when the weather doesn’t cooperate. Believe it or not, this happens often, and it can be stressful for my seniors to wonder if their sessions can happen at all. For some senior photographers, a few rain showers or windy afternoons can mean completely rescheduling a shoot. That’s why I assure my clients I can easily change gears and work with the circumstances. When Dom came for his senior session, the weather didn’t work out, so we moved indoors.

Dom has an exciting dream to one day own his own restaurant! He is a very hard-working and ambitious young man, and is very adept in the kitchen. I know his dream will most likely become reality, because he is one of those young people who works hard for the things they want in life! When he’s not studying or cooking, you can find him playing video games or basketball with his friends, or having fun as a percussionist. Although he is on the quieter side, when he does speak, he is very wise and mature. I also think his personality came out in the images, which is always something really neat to witness.

If you’re a parent or a senior who is wondering where to go for senior photos, I hope you’ll consider me! I believe in much more than just a cookie-cutter, standard senior portrait (which used to be the fare in years past)…No matter your passions or talent, we can incorporate them into your special senior session! CONTACT ME HERE!

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Amy and Family | Central Iowa Family Photos

I met Amy previously when she brought her darling brood in for Trick or Treat. Since then, I’ve been lucky enough to photograph them many times. Each time, I marvel at how much the kids have grown, and also what a wonderful mom they have been blessed with. They have come to me for our mini sessions, regular family shoots, and for our special holiday events! I look forward to it every time! These four sweet children are incredibly well behaved, and they really love their mom. The way they interact with her is very meaningful, and really speaks volumes about the hard work Amy puts in as a dedicated single mom. I really admire her, and also love that she invests in family photos even though they might be considered “just another expense” or a burden. Amy knows although the days may be long, the years are short, and these images are ones her children will treasure and thank her for in years to come. Their stylish session looked great against a simple and flattering grey backdrop.

Maybe you’ve been wanting to document your family, but aren’t sure about the expense, or whether a professional photographer is worth it. Don’t these sweet days with your little ones (who are growing fast) deserve more than just a few, ‘good-enough’ iPhone snapshots or Instagram filters? I love seeing parents get to turn these milestone images into real, tangible prints to frame, display, and pass down to their children. Family photos really don’t have to be a chore; they can be a fun family memory that children actually look forward to! I’d love to share with you what sets me apart as a family portrait photographer, and you can contact me with any questions HERE!

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Krista | Central Iowa Senior Photography

“Life is short and opportunities are rare and we have to be vigilant in protecting them and not only the
opportunities to succeed but the opportunity to laugh, to see the enchantment in the world and, to live.
Because life doesn’t owe us anything as a matter of fact I think that we owe something to the world.”
-Haley Scott, One Tree Hill

I know that the quote above is from a TV show, but it really is appropriate for high school grads! I loved it. There is so much opportunity that awaits all of my senior clients, and it always makes me so excited to see what journey they’ll begin after high school. Krista has a bright and promising future ahead of her. I first met this beautiful and sweet senior when she applied for my model program. I was lucky enough to photograph her multiple times on my model team, and really got to know her as a very loving, talented young lady. She is also an athlete, and loves playing volleyball. In fact, she loves playing just about any sport, as she’s quick to tell you, but really has succeeded in volleyball. Krista is outgoing and makes friends easily; she is also very close to her sister. In her spare time, she enjoys listening to the latest country music on the radio, and working as a babysitter (she loves children).

It was very hot on the day of our session, but we were able to plan both indoor and outdoor locations. Both options highlighted her big smile, her athleticism, and her personable spirit. She loves nature, and so we incorporated a relaxing garden session, as well as an urban, modern city look. Her senior wardrobe included classic colors like red and white, and of course, she looked stunning. Thanks Krista, for being part of my model team. I am so thrilled for your future!

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The Hansen Family | Central Iowa Senior and Family Photos

I bet every photographer says that they have the best clients ever, but I think I am the only one who is telling the truth! 🙂 This family first hired me to do senior photos for their daughter, and they returned to me for family photos recently. They are the sweetest bunch, and they even brought me coffee (anyone who brings me coffee also knows it’s the way to my heart!). We gathered on a really pretty day, and the light was just perfect.

This quintet all wore coordinating denim/burgundy outfits, which I loved. They photographed beautifully and looked very polished. The Hansen’s are big fans of the Iowa Hawkeyes and bond over their favorite sporting events. They love spending time at the lake together, and they all enjoy cheering one another on at their various activities. The siblings are all very closely-knit, and I loved seeing that. Another thing they all share is a great sense of humor, and mom an daughter share such a sweet relationship as well.  You can see from their family images what fun we had, and why I truly enjoyed capturing them.

CONTACT ME today to book a session for your own family, especially if you have a senior getting ready to leave the nest for college. You’ll really love having professional portraits before your children begin leaving home.

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Mommy and Me | Des Moines Iowa Photographer

The bond between a mother and her children is something truly wonderful to behold, and was the driving force behind my recent “mommy and me” session. As a mom myself, I understand the love, loyalty, trust, and great weight of being a mother, and the strength it takes to be a parent. Some days it is exhausting, but I sure wouldn’t trade those “little years” for anything. That’s probably why I am so passionate about documenting growing kids, and why I encourage families to please, please, please invest in the photos you will desperately want in the years to come. I treasure the photos from the younger years in the lives of my kids, and wish I had in fact, taken even more.

This sweet family is one of my legacy clients, who I have done family photos for several times. This time, mom and her kiddos got center stage, and I love how they capture what a loving and engaged mom she is. Lindsey is truly diving right into these little years, and is a hard-working mom and farm wife. She is highly devoted to her two kids, Riley and Maverick, and enjoys spending time with them at their many activities. Riley is involved in gymnastics, and is a talented student! Maverick just started T-Ball, and is his dad’s little shadow. They both are going to be attending some fun summer camps soon, and are looking forward to showing their prized animals at the fair. “I love being a mom, and watching them grow”, says Lindsey, “I get to watch them achieve their goals and celebrate their milestones each year!”

Do you need to capture this season of life as a mom? Or maybe you’re a dad or grandparent who want to give an amazing gift to a deserving mama? Please reach out to me today!

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Nate | Central Iowa Senior Guys Photographer

Every day is a new opportunity. You can build on yesterday’s success or put its failures behind and start over again.
That’s the way life is, with a new game every day, and that’s the way baseball is. -Bob Feller

Nate’s mom was first to stumble upon my senior portraits, and she loved them. I’m so glad she chose me to be the lucky one to document her son Nate’s senior year! Nate is graduating from Boone High School, and he was truly amazing to work with; mature, kind, and thoughtful…his mom should be very proud of the young man she’s raised! During his time at BHS, he played baseball, and the sport is definitely his passion. He really enjoys playing baseball, as well as following the Iowa State University teams. He is also a strong student academically, and works very hard; he earned a spot in the National Honor Society, and has top-notch grades. He is well liked by all of his friends, and was voted prom king.

For his senior shoot, I did a variety of backgrounds and ideas, drawing inspiration of course, from his love of baseball. We also did some shots indoors, with studio lighting, and he was great at natural poses. I really enjoy doing senior guy’s portrait as well as young ladies, and hope that any parents of male seniors will not shy away from scheduling a session…They may be hesitant at first, but it’s important that in years to come, they have photos to look back on! And, although it may not be on their list of favorite things, we always end up having a great time, laughing a lot, and discovering inspiration and creativity during their shoot. To schedule a photoshoot, or to find out more, please CONTACT ME!

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What is an Express Session? | Central Iowa Senior Photographer

Senior Express Sessions: Limited Sessions Available!

I have met many seniors who struggle with the idea of a senior session. Some are overwhelmed by the thought of posing or choosing outfits, or perhaps their budget is a bit more limited. There are others who simply lack the time needed to organize a session, or dream up a stylized idea or theme. While I certainly can help any client with any of those needs, I also wanted to offer something sweet and simple for those seniors who just desire a basic session, but still want beautiful, high-quality, and customized portraits. These are just right: The Senior Express Sessions! They are a limited availability set of shoots that I offer in June of each year, and they include:

Up to 45 minutes indoors at the studio
Includes session fee, 11 x 14 image block, 4 digital images, and yearbook photo.

All for only 595! This is a terrific value!

You could end up with photos like these, of senior Anna, who now has stunning and professional images to celebrate her senior year. She had her portraits done elsewhere, but they didn’t turn out like what she had hoped, so she came to me hoping to get a photo she loved for her yearbook. She ended up loving the experience and the photos, and we even created a storyboard for her. Anna is a beautiful and loving young woman who comes from a fun and involved family. She loves spending her summers working as a lifeguard, and is now attending Iowa State University. Anna is passionate about her dogs, and loves drama and the arts. Anna’s session is a great example of a simple but meaningful session that will leave you with photos you are proud of!


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Branding Headshots | Des Moines and Ames Iowa Portraiture

Branding Headshots | Des Moines and Ames Iowa Portraiture

As a business owner, I realize the importance of that crucial first impression. Today, social media will likely be the first experience your client has in building a rapport with you and your brand. It is important that your headshot accurately represents you and your passions. A current, professional headshot is the first step in creating a stellar first impression with your audience and telling the whole story of you and your brand. Impressions by Twyla specializes in providing modern and stylish images for today’s business professional. Why leave “missing pieces” in your professional image? Give your clients and audience the REAL, complete you!

When you are ready to update your headshot and other social media images, contact me here.

The images included in this gallery are for a new business, Yoga-Rx. The images should match the feel of the business, and this is a great example of the way that personality and branding can be seen and felt through a headshot!

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Morgan | Central Iowa Senior Photographer

Did you know that Impressions by Twyla offers not one, not two, but five different senior session options? I want every senior who comes to me for portraits to feel that they can get exactly what they need! The wide variety allows each parent or family to find what suits their needs, budget, and style…We even offer luxury, destination sessions if you have  been dreaming something up! Because of these different types, I end up with a variety of portfolio images, as well! And, one thing is for certain: no matter what length or type of session you choose, I treat you like a dear friend every step of the way, and I treat each senior like they are my own!

Morgan’s session is one that stands out in my mind because she chose a longer length and we were able to get plenty of shooting time in. We also incorporated her car, and each amazing outfit she put together.  She is a beautiful, lovely young woman who graduated from Boone High School. She was part of my model team, and did a wonderful job representing my photography during her senior year. She loves running in her spare time, and adds, “My favorite senior photo is the one where I’m in the field on the chair…You really allowed my unique personality to shine through in all the photos!” As part of my model team, Morgan says her favorite memory was trying on the different outfits for the model shoots. Today, she is attending Iowa State University, where she is majoring in Agricultural Studies, and she also works in retail at an outdoor supply store in Ames. I miss her smiling face!

I’d love for you to take a peek at my different session offerings HERE, and let me know which one best suits your needs. If you have any questions, please contact me HERE!

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