Amy and Family | Central Iowa Family Photos

I met Amy previously when she brought her darling brood in for Trick or Treat. Since then, I’ve been lucky enough to photograph them many times. Each time, I marvel at how much the kids have grown, and also what a wonderful mom they have been blessed with. They have come to me for our mini sessions, regular family shoots, and for our special holiday events! I look forward to it every time! These four sweet children are incredibly well behaved, and they really love their mom. The way they interact with her is very meaningful, and really speaks volumes about the hard work Amy puts in as a dedicated single mom. I really admire her, and also love that she invests in family photos even though they might be considered “just another expense” or a burden. Amy knows although the days may be long, the years are short, and these images are ones her children will treasure and thank her for in years to come. Their stylish session looked great against a simple and flattering grey backdrop.

Maybe you’ve been wanting to document your family, but aren’t sure about the expense, or whether a professional photographer is worth it. Don’t these sweet days with your little ones (who are growing fast) deserve more than just a few, ‘good-enough’ iPhone snapshots or Instagram filters? I love seeing parents get to turn these milestone images into real, tangible prints to frame, display, and pass down to their children. Family photos really don’t have to be a chore; they can be a fun family memory that children actually look forward to! I’d love to share with you what sets me apart as a family portrait photographer, and you can contact me with any questions HERE!

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