Artist Statement

There are certain moments in our lives that have the power to change us.
Moments we look forward to.
Moments we wish would last longer or come sooner.
Moments we never saw coming at all.
These moments live within us, long after their time and long after ours.
We recall them in memories. In stories to our children and years from now to our grandchildren.
They are a piece of our history and of our future.
And sometimes, without us even knowing, we are forever changed because of them.

For all of my life moments, I’ve turned to photography. As a teenager I experimented with photography as a way to communicate and express myself. As a young wife and mother, I was determined to document our lives through photography. I sought proof that what I saw and felt and experienced was real and here and now. Photography was not something I chose to like – it has always been within me, even as a child. It’s because of these moments that I can now utilize photography as a tool for capturing and creating personalized works of art for others.

My photography has always been people-centric, meaning I focus on the individual and their personality. I try to let the image grow from within the subject rather than trying to manipulate an image to fit a preconceived idea or concept. My goal is to create images that capture the true essence of the group or individual, in that particular moment in time. In doing so, an everyday portrait becomes a piece of fine art.

My name is Twyla Wisecup and I would love the opportunity to capture the pure innocence of your newborn son or daughter; the youth and exuberance of a young child; the pride and potential in your soon to be high school senior; or the shared love and connection between you and your family.

Life isn’t about what we didn’t do yesterday – it’s about what we do today. Make sure you take the time to remember these moments today, and if you can, preserve them for tomorrow.


© 2014 Impressions by Twyla. All Rights Reserved.